Getting Started as a Merchant

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This first step is very important - think about your affiliate program.
You should have a plan of what you want to achieve. How big commissions can you afford to provide?
Will they be attractive to affiliates compared with your competition? How to attract affiliates to join?

Review your settings

IBOaffiliate is made in a way that it can work with the default configuration.
However, you should check the configuration and fine tune it for your own needs.
You can find the configuration screen under the Config & Tools menu -> Configuration.

Create your campaigns

One default campaign is created during the installation. You can modify it, or create your own campaigns.
Campaigns are used to group a set of products (or only one product) that have the same commission settings.
For example, you can have campaign for Product1, where you'll reward your affiliates per click, and another campaign for Product2, where affiliate receives commissions per sale.
Or you can have campaign called Low cost products, which will have 40% per sale commissions, and another campaign called Expensive products with 15% per sale commission.

Add banners and other creatives

In the Banners manager you can various creatives, from text links, standard image banners to HTML, Flash and promo email banners.
Every banner must have destination URL specified - it is the URL where the visitor is redirected after click.

Set up emails

You should set up emailing functionality. This includes:

  • mail account - what email address do you want to receive notifications?

Integrate with your web page & shop

Integration is a way to connect the affiliate system to your current website, shopping cart or payment gateway in a way that affiliate system will be notified about referrals and purchases.
When notified, affiliate system registers the sale, finds referring affiliate (if any) and creates appropriate commission for him.
Integration usually means adding few lines of code into your pages, and it is described step-by-step in the Integration guide for most common shopping carts and payment systems.

Test everything

When you have configured your campaigns, defined correct commissions, and created some banners/links, you should test the system.
The best is to simulate the whole process from affiliate’s and your point of view:

  1. Sign up as some testing affiliate – after approval you should receive confirmation email with your password, and you should be able to log in to your affiliate panel
  2. Log in to affiliates panel, get the code for banners/links and put them onto some testing page
  3. Click on the banner and check that the click is registered
  4. After the click, try to make test sale and check that sale commission was registered in affiliate system (only for per sale or per lead commissions)
If you experience some problems in any of these steps, open a ticket so we can assist you.

Pay your account

IBOaffiliate does not charge a fee to setup your account, but it does require all merchants to pre-pay $150 for its future commissions.   Since IBOaffiliate pays the affiliate for the sales generated,  this ensures affiliates get paid. 

When you are ready to go, let us know (through help desk) and we will generate an invoice for you so you can get started..

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