6/27/2014 New member welcome messages

Modified on: 2014-10-09 01:56:45 -0400

When a new member joins IBOtoolbox it can be extremely
overwhelming for them. Huge platform, lots of members,
activity going on everywhere, etc...

From the beginning of IBO, existing members have always
welcomed new members by commenting on the "Just Joined" wall
message. However, there is a good possibility they wont see
your message because they dont know its there....

-That has changed-

When you now welcome someone to IBO by commenting on their
"just joined Ibotoolbox" wall message, the system sends your
message to them via email. Along with that email is your
name, and IBOsocial profile link.

This is huge for new members, branding you, getting traffic
to your profile, and of course increasing activity within


Since there are now Facebook comments on the main page of
the IBOsocial profiles, it would be good exposure to welcome
them to IBO on their profile as well.

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