IBOtoolbox just stopped functioning properly

Modified on: 2014-04-19 20:17:38 -0400

If you are using or have been using IBOtoolbox and all of a sudden things stop functioning as they did before...  

This most likely means your browser is not functioning properly.

There are steps you can take to try and resolve this issue.

#1 Take a look at all the ADD-ONs your browser is using.  MOST addons cripple or impair the browser from functioning properly.  As a troubleshooting effort, disable your ADD-ONS

#2 Remove/RESET browser cache and temp files.  Sometimes browsers can drown in their own cache.  This will cause the browser to slow or stop functioning properly.

#3 Disable POP-UP blockers for the ibotoolbox website.  

#4 Try running IBOtoolbox from a different browser or computer to ensure it is your browser having the issue.  It could be a spyware or malware program running behind the scenes that is causing issues.

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