Tracking Ad Clicks/Views

Modified on: 2014-10-11 07:00:51 -0400

Excerpt from IBOtoolbox ad creation page:

ALL IBOtoolbox ads contain 2 links. 1 link is to your website, the other to your IBOsocial profile. External tracking software will not be able to account for all clicks on your ad.

IBOtoolbox will deduct impressions (based on ad cost) as the ad is displayed to viewers in the selected locations. IBOtoolbox does not guarantee nor is responsible for Clicks, Traffic, Signups, Optins, Sales, Likes, Adds, Click Through Rates, or ROI % from use of our advertising platform.

Why 2 links?  IBOtoolbox is primarily designed to get you noticed and in front of like minded Internet Marketers just like yourself.  Many IBOtoolbox members will click your second link to see who you are and to learn more about you vs.. look at your ad.

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