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IBO Referral Link Script http - website supports https

Hi, I'm trying to use IBO referral links on my business website. However, I was having an issue with the image not viewing properly after copying/pasting the referral link script code on to my website page. My business website is through Rainmaker (which is just a much easier & better version of Wordpress). They said and suggested the following to solve my issue:

The reason is because the image URL's in the text widget code are set to http, however my website is set up to force https. As http and https are different URL's, the images are showing as the embed code does not have a https version of the image URL.

My big question of the day is...

Does IBO have a https version of the images for the referral links so that I can replace the image URL's with the https version on my website?

Thanking all in advance for any suggestions or solution to my issue.


Sherri Pentzien

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