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Why accept or send Associate Requests?

Hi all. I see most of the training videos are 'how to' videos, but many of those I've watched omit to explain the implications of doing certain things -- the 'why'. For example, what are the pros and cons of associating with a particular member? What criteria would one use to accept or reject. If you Reject, what happens? Does the requester see that their request has been rejected, or do they just see that it has never been accepted?

Today I had a request from someone who promotes liquor. I don't drink alcohol. Most requests I have seen are from people who just want to promote their business opp to me. We each have our own business/es we're promoting to the 96% of the people who see our stuff who aren't IBO Toolbox members.

Can someone please offer some more insights in to the Associates system please -- the recommended practices, etc? Many thanks.

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