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How to Get Graphic URL for my banner Ad

Was setting up my banner ad when I got to the box where am expected to input 'Graphic url' for my banner ad

First of all I have designed my banner but problem is

1)I dont know what a graphic url is

2) I dont even know how to create one

I will appreciate it some one here could show me the way

Thank you

In order to show your banner, you need to upload it somewhere on the Internet (like a hosting account), so IBO needs to know where you put it, before they can show it. The URL is the Uniform Resource Locater that points to that graphic, such as something like




IBOtoolbox advertising needs URLS to create a banner ad and all I have is HTML code for a banner ad.


Strip out the needed URLS from your ad code.

Sample Ad Code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

First Lets get the WEBSITE LINK.

This is everything inside of the href=" " tag

Stripping it from the example above gives us:

Next Lets get the IMAGE URL.

this is everything inside the img src=" " tag

Stripping it from the example above gives us:



is it possible to store the images in google drive and upload from there?

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