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How to Redeem IBOToolBox coupon codes

Click on Credit Centre

Then Click on Redeem Coupon

Enter Coupon Code!

That's it

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I have tried every time I Log In since joining IBO and have NEVER been able to redeem my daily bonus credits for logging in. I do ALL the required tasks ie. visit IBO Social, and TUBE and IBO Helpdesk and I add comments and read lots of members' ads but I still get a message of invalid Coupon Code or an instruction to visit the aforementioned pages which I have already done. I am extremely frustrated and annoyed. I can't even generate a relevant ticket to the Helpdesk. This does not encourage me to Log In in future.

I do exactly as you instruct but am still unable to redeem my coupon.

Refresh your screen and enter the code again

 Invalid Code means you are typing in the wrong code or typo.

Daily Codes will be like Daily-123456 etc..

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