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PR error msg - PR contains prohibited language

Every time I try to post a PR I get the following msg...

 PR contains prohibited language

I am writing in English and the wording is nothing special - I could in fact read it verbatim to kids.

What could be the problem here?

Please assist?

I have raised 2 tickets about this already but we dont seem to have a helpdesk as one never gets any replies.


IBO Profile Page:

Have you not gotten an answer on this?  I have the same problem right now too.

No answer from the helpdesk or forum yet

OK Thanks.  They may not know either.  LOL  

This is ridiculous. I submitted this comment and the website feedback is that it is disallowed wording or terms.

"The modern-day problem is not lack of jobs or opportunities, it is a lack of drive and initiative to grasp the available opportunities, coupled with a proliferation of scams and the inability to distinguish between these and true opportunities."

So lets use our time somewhere else where it is not wasted.  

It's the word "scams" that's causing the problem, from my experience with this issue. I tried posting a joke about words being a scam and the software wouldn't proceed until I changed it to "trick".


That's ridiculous. But thanks for the info. Perhaps they're afraid some will call IBO a scam.


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